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  • Nguyen Thi Luu An

The impact of the VIETMUS project at the Thu Dau Mot University

In 2023, Thu Dau Mot University had the honor of becoming a member of the first international music project for students. The international project "VIETnam Music Universities Spurring – VIETMUS," promoted by the European Education and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA) under the authority granted by the European Commission, encourages music education at universities in Vietnam. During its involvement in the project, the following positive impacts were observed:


Thu Dau Mot University aspired for the VIETMUS project to support the creation of an excellent learning and teaching environment, fostering a professional educational setting where students could access modern technology applied in reality. Supporting Thu Dau Mot University in investing in and equipping facilities for music education.


Thu Dau Mot University facilitated the development of cooperative relationships for the Music program, offering students enhanced skills through cultural and artistic exchanges with organizations within and outside the province.


With communication tools such as social network, website to promote and disseminate the project nationwide, participation in the VIETMUS project has opened opportunities for the development of music education at Thu Dau Mot University, strengthened international cooperation in the arts, and broadened opportunities to promote the university's image. Particularly, adopting digital technology in music education has helped to minimize barriers of time and space, enabling students to learn more flexibly and effectively.

For lecturers and students from other faculties within the Thu Dau Mot University:

Through social media platforms, the VIETMUS project supporting the music sector has been recognized and anticipated with great respect and eagerness. If music technology spreads, it will disseminate the beauty of life to all students, contributing to their personal development and elevating the quality of education at Thu Dau Mot University to a new level.


The project's effect has been that students across the university have become more interested in and knowledgeable about the history of art development in Europe, especially in the field of music. Students are eager to explore the capabilities of AI in performance art.

For lecturers and students of music programs:

Technology skills have been enhanced: The music education program includes courses like Music Informatics, Studio Techniques, Applied Harmonization, Music Composition, Photoshop Image Processing, Film Editing, and Special Effects. Previously, students learned these couses in a basic way, but since joining the VIETMUS project, they have become more inquisitive and eager to learn, preparing themselves with basic technology knowledge to best absorb the project.


Students are keen to learn from the project to discover new ways of creating and presenting their works, eager to understand integration and creativity, and wish to experience breakthrough combinations of musical art and technology. They aspire to experience and understand performance art, virtual performances, and to apply AI in performance art, such as combining technology with singing and musical instrument performances.


The music program has executed plans approved by the university leadership to organize street music performances on weekends at cultural centers in the province to serve the community and spread awareness of the VIETMUS project among the public.


The music program has emphasized teaching students about ethics, carefulness, consideration, and philosophies in using technology. Preparing knowledge and understanding so that upon project completion, students can create music products or virtual performances valuable to society, and students can share project information on channels like Facebook, Zalo, etc.

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