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Promoting digital transformation and capacity building

Updated: Apr 10

A few months have passed since VIETMUS kicked off. The project is co-funded by the European Union and coordinated by Conservatorio di Musica Alessandro Scarlatti in Palermo together with three partners in Europe and other six partners in Vietnam. It aims to promote digital transformation and create a new digital capacity in teaching and performing in the Vietnamese Higher Music Education (HME) landscape.

As a first step, VIETMUS partners have carried out desk research to establish the relationship between distance practices in training and music performance in the EU and Vietnam. Comparisons have been carried out at various levels: regional, national and international, and have been based on living examples and the current state of the art. 

The goal of this analysis has been to examine the systemic and training impacts of digitisation in HME in the EU and Vietnam, also comparing legislation and copyright protection in music.

Indeed, VIETMUS will foster the valorisation of copyright via the digital treatment of music assets in HME. During the project lifespan, partner institutions will gain the capacity to value and interpret data to be able to unlock extensive benefits: from understanding the current state of technology, and enriching their activities, to understanding future trends in Creative Industries, emerging trends and who might be potential collaborators and competitors. 

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In short, the project will give graduates and organisations the possibility to market themselves and enhance the digital performance shift to meet the new requests of the creative industry. Other specific objectives of the project to be developed next include:

  • Creating a sustainable and inclusive digital capacity in HME institutions in Vietnam, targeting training and performing;

  • Creating a resilience attitude to cope with the challenges raised by the COVID-19 outbreak;

  • Developing specific skills to tackle future employment perspectives in music Vietnamese graduates;

  • Developing sustainable partnerships in ICT between Europe and Vietnam, creating new networks and strengthening a national network of excellence.

Lastly, the official VIETMUS project website has been launched, as well as social media channels on Facebook and Instagram, where all the latest updates about the project will be shared. To learn more about the project, please do not hesitate to contact Alfonso Guerra, AEC Membership and Finance Coordinator at or Raffaele Longo, VIETMUS Project Manager at

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